Un viaggio dove la tradizione romana sposa la cucina contemporanea

About Us

The Heart of Fritti Gourmet

In Fritti Gourmet, each dish is an invitation to share our love for Italy, a journey that combines taste, culture, and responsibility.
Fritti Gourmet is the expression of our passion for the
rich Italian culinary heritage.

A journey that starts from the roots of our traditions to embrace new dimensions of taste and creativity.

Through our fried dishes, we tell the story of a heritage that goes beyond simple food preparation, becoming a symbol of culture and tradition.

Fritti Gourmet is more than a company

It's a project, a dream that comes true every day thanks to the passion and work of people who believe in the unifying power of food and in the ability of Italian cuisine to tell unique stories that can transcend borders and generations.

We are proud of this heritage and eager to share it with you, offering not just a product but a true experience of taste and culture.

  • Tradition and Innovation Each fried dish celebrates the diversity of Italian regions, combining premium ingredients and age-old recipes with cutting-edge techniques to enhance the authentic flavors of our territory.
  • Sustainability and Responsibility We choose to collaborate with local suppliers and prioritize organic and locally sourced products, demonstrating our respect for the environment and the community around us. We reaffirm our role as responsible ambassadors of Made in Italy.
  • More than a company Fritti Gourmet is a dream that takes shape every day, thanks to the enthusiasm of those who believe in the unifying power of Italian cuisine and its ability to tell stories that transcend borders and hearts, offering not just a product but an authentic cultural experience.
High-end fry shop, customization, worldwide deliveries.

Excellence in artisanal production


They say about us

A laboratory like no other! Highly recommended! If you want to taste the excellence of fried food, you must rely on them.

Luca Toni
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Specialized laboratory in artisanal supplì with an incredible variety of flavors. The attention to and enhancement of raw materials makes Fritti Gourmet unique. Sales are reserved for professionals.

Andrea Romeo
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